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February 7, 2012

What is an Azimuth?

Azimuth is simply the angle of an object in the sky along the horizon.  It is used in both astronomy and for navigation to provide direction to the user, as is our objective for your business.  Consider yourself as the navigator in the sea of business and us as the direction of your web strategy, your azimuth.  In military terms, an azimuth is defined as the direction of fire; in aerial navigation, the direction of flight as taken from the location of your aircraft.  Whatever definition works best for you one thing remains the underlining theme, an azimuth helps when seeking direction.

What Does the Six Represent?

The “six” in Azimuth Six is taken from the military terminology used when someone has your back.  “I’ve got your six” means I am here for you, I’ve got you covered.

Combine the terms and you have an awesome sounding name that means provider of direction who covers your back.  Pretty cool huh?

Our Team

Azimuth Six is comprised of a team of dedicated SEO professionals who have years of experience in online and marketing strategy and implementation. Formerly the team worked exclusively with the legal industry, helping attorney’s compete in their contentious marketplace.  After a number of years servicing this competitive market, they shifted their efforts from doing the SEO themselves to consulting and training others to be the masters of their domain, seeking to change the way the business became involved in the future of their success.

Todd M. Hamilton Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technical Officer

Todd is the driving force of Azimuth Six’s consulting, software development and research.  His 14+ years of Information Technology and consulting experience have found him in front of the likes of major players such as Blockbuster, Titleist, Hyundai and Daewoo to name a few.  Todd does not however base his past accolades on the empowerment of your business; he uses his experience to find custom solutions that are founded on empirically backed data.  This type of solution-finding methodology is based on the principles that we use for all of our decisions: the Scientific Method and Occam’s Razor.

Scientific Method:

1. Define the problem 2. Form a hypothesis 3. Test hypothesis and perform experiments 4. Organize and analyze data 5. Pose a question: do the experiments and observations support your hypothesis? a. If not, perform new experiments and repeat step 4. 6. Draw conclusions 7. Communicate results

Occam’s Razor: The notion that the simplest explanation of a problem is the preferred explanation, unless it is known to be wrong.

At heart, Todd is a scientist who spends most of his leisure time studying things that keep his huge brain at work.  His dedication to helping businesses grow will continue to be the focus of his efforts as he loves the success of his clients nearly as much as the owners themselves.

Todd M. Hamilton can be reached at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Daniel E. Lofaso Vice President/Project Manager

Daniel E. Lofaso is a leading expert in SEO content development, consulting businesses to take a professional approach based off of research, compelling writing, proper distribution, effective syndication and search engine consumption.  His expertise lies in writing search engine friendly content that caters to the clients’ demographic as well as the search engines.  While pleasing these two audiences, he also skillfully manages to interpret and present complex data such as medical terminology and legal jargon easily for the common public to understand.  Perhaps the biggest content development project was his undertaking of the ACE Dental Resource website, a detailed cosmetic dentistry informational site dedicated to patients.  The website represents the benefits and technologies of over 500 cosmetic dentist members nationwide.

Daniel works wholeheartedly with front man Todd M. Hamilton to cater their progressive business approach to the benefit of their beloved clients.  When not pursuing the next competitive edge, Daniel can be found on long walks on the beach reciting poetry to his seagull friends.

Daniel E. Lofaso can be reached at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Jacob A. Reber Junior Developer/Esteemed Intern

Jacob was brought on to Azimuth Six because of his ability to quickly adapt to technical knowledge and to help implement our SEO software.  A full-time student as well as entrepreneur, Jacob’s problem solving abilities are a key component in Azimuth Six’s ability to adapt to the dynamic environment that is SEO.  Jacob can be seen on our SEO tutorial page passing on helpful SEO skillsets as he learns them, provided he is not subjected to intern janitorial duty at the office.

Jacob A. Reber can be reached at


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