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What is an Azimuth?

Azimuth is simply the angle of an object in the sky along the horizon.  It is used in both astronomy and for navigation to provide direction to the user, as is our objective for your business.  Consider yourself as the navigator in the sea of business and us as the direction of your web strategy, your azimuth.  In military terms, an azimuth is defined as the direction of fire; in aerial navigation, the direction of flight as taken from the location of your aircraft.  Whatever definition works best for you one thing remains the underlining theme, an azimuth helps when seeking direction.

What Does the Six Represent?

The “six” in Azimuth Six is taken from the military terminology used when someone has your back.  “I’ve got your six” means I am here for you, I’ve got you covered.

Combine the terms and you have an awesome sounding name that means provider of direction who covers your back.  Pretty cool huh?

Our Team

Azimuth Six is comprised of a team of dedicated SEO professionals who have years of experience in online and marketing strategy and implementation. Formerly the team worked exclusively with the legal industry, helping attorney’s compete in their contentious marketplace.  After a number of years servicing this competitive market, they shifted their efforts from doing the SEO themselves to consulting and training others to be the masters of their domain, seeking to change the way the business became involved in the future of their success.

Todd M. Hamilton Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technical Officer

Todd is the driving force of Azimuth Six’s consulting, software development and research.  His 14+ years of Information Technology and consulting experience have found him in front of the likes of major players such as Blockbuster, Titleist, Hyundai and Daewoo to name a few.  Todd does not however base his past accolades on the empowerment of your business; he uses his experience to find custom solutions that are founded on empirically backed data.  This type of solution-finding methodology is based on the principles that we use for all of our decisions: the Scientific Method and Occam’s Razor.

Scientific Method:

1. Define the problem 2. Form a hypothesis 3. Test hypothesis and perform experiments 4. Organize and analyze data 5. Pose a question: do the experiments and observations support your hypothesis? a. If not, perform new experiments and repeat step 4. 6. Draw conclusions 7. Communicate results

Occam’s Razor: The notion that the simplest explanation of a problem is the preferred explanation, unless it is known to be wrong.

At heart, Todd is a scientist who spends most of his leisure time studying things that keep his huge brain at work.  His dedication to helping businesses grow will continue to be the focus of his efforts as he loves the success of his clients nearly as much as the owners themselves.

Todd M. Hamilton can be reached at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Daniel E. Lofaso Vice President/Project Manager

Daniel E. Lofaso is a leading expert in SEO content development, consulting businesses to take a professional approach based off of research, compelling writing, proper distribution, effective syndication and search engine consumption.  His expertise lies in writing search engine friendly content that caters to the clients’ demographic as well as the search engines.  While pleasing these two audiences, he also skillfully manages to interpret and present complex data such as medical terminology and legal jargon easily for the common public to understand.  Perhaps the biggest content development project was his undertaking of the ACE Dental Resource website, a detailed cosmetic dentistry informational site dedicated to patients.  The website represents the benefits and technologies of over 500 cosmetic dentist members nationwide.

Daniel works wholeheartedly with front man Todd M. Hamilton to cater their progressive business approach to the benefit of their beloved clients.  When not pursuing the next competitive edge, Daniel can be found on long walks on the beach reciting poetry to his seagull friends.

Daniel E. Lofaso can be reached at
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Jacob A. Reber Junior Developer/Esteemed Intern

Jacob was brought on to Azimuth Six because of his ability to quickly adapt to technical knowledge and to help implement our SEO software.  A full-time student as well as entrepreneur, Jacob’s problem solving abilities are a key component in Azimuth Six’s ability to adapt to the dynamic environment that is SEO.  Jacob can be seen on our SEO tutorial page passing on helpful SEO skillsets as he learns them, provided he is not subjected to intern janitorial duty at the office.

Jacob A. Reber can be reached at


Are you using Social Media to its fullest potential?

What is Social Media?

Officially, social media is “an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos, and audio.”

Why Use Social Media?
•Three out of four Americans use social technology.
•2/3 of the global internet population visit social networks.
•Visiting social sites is the 4th most popular online activity- ahead of personal email.
•Time spent on social networks is growing at three times the overall Internet rate, accounting for approximately 10% of all Internet time.
•Social media democratizes communications.

The popularity of social media has shifted the power away from the traditional sources of information. The editors, publishers, the established news sources and media elite are now being controlled by the people who have access to distributing information to dedicated social networks. Your business can be quarterbacking this information and get in tune with the constant feedback that your network will provide. Azimuth Six will show you how to get in tune with this large opportunity.

Social Media in Business

Some of the world’s top companies are utilizing the power of Social Media to connect with their clients. The following info comes from the Fortune 100 Global Company Index. Of these companies that have accounts:
•65% are on Twitter
•54% are on Facebook
•50% are on YouTube
•33% have blogs

Ways that Companies use Twitter:
1.Direct- marketing/PR channel
2.Indirect- employees use to enhance reps and company rep by proxy
3.Internal- internal company communication
4.Inbound Signaling- “listening,” reputation management

Media Stats

Here’s what Facebook says about media sites using Like buttons and other social plugins:
•The average media site integrated with Facebook has seen a 300% increase in referral traffic.
•People who sign in with Facebook at The Huffington Post view 22% more pages and spend 8 minutes longer than the average reader.

Ways to Utilize Social Media

Public Relations- You can use social media to sell the sizzle instead of the steak in terms of your business. We will teach you how to effectively post and interact with your social media channel to involve clients/customers in the day-to-day operations of your business.

Customer Service- By communicating with your social network on their preferred channels you keep them satisfied and simplify processes that keep your clients happy.

Loyalty Building- Your social network has the opportunity to trust you as an authority in your industry provided you keep them educated and involved in things that matter to them. By communicating with them you build their trust and their loyalty to your brand.

Collaboration- Social media allows you to distribute massive amounts of information out to large groups rapidly. You can involve them in your product ideas and get their feedback while communicating that you care about their opinions.

Networking- Azimuth Six will show you how to find business contacts or professional contacts that may help with your business-to-business efforts or with referrals.

Customer Acquisition- It is said that in marketing it is much more expensive to get new customers than it is to retain existing ones. With Social Media you can do both by taking a cost-effective approach with a solid strategy that we will help you formulate.

We will consult you how to both build your Social Media network and turn your followers into sales or leads. Social Media is not really a new concept, it is basically a variation on what marketers have always done except in a more dedicated environment. In this aspect the followers we help you develop will already be interested in your products or services. You merely remind them that your brand is a brand they trust and one that they should look forward to doing business with. It’s like the pizza magnet on your fridge. It is a convenient reminder of the pizza place you love in a place where you will not forget. As consumers, we have short memories and Social Media serves to act as the pizza magnet on our fridge helping your clients/customers remember what they already know.

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Is it possible to skip certain SEO fundamentals?

After you have been in the SEO industry awhile you learn how to do certain things better and more quickly.  To some this means shortcuts and to others it just means better research methods and fact-finding.  But what if all of our research and experiences lead us to believe that some SEO techniques are unnecessary and can be avoided?  Unfortunately I think that this is the approach of too many so-called SEO firms, a sort of lackadaisical misrepresentation of clients and the ultimate suffering of their client’s rankings.  SEO has become extremely popular and there seems to be webmasters turned SEO’s popping up everywhere.  People should know that they are not the same.  SEO is not solely web programming or social media or on-page optimization. It is a lot of things working together in a soup of what are rankings. You can’t have chicken noodle soup without the chicken.

To take it a step further let’s look at some of the fundamental SEO practices and how they should and shouldn’t be viewed- by SEO and persons seeking an SEO as well.

On-Page Optimization– You could argue that this is the first and most fundamental step in SEO. Optimizing things like title tags, meta descriptions, image descriptions, internal linking, site maps, the speed in which your site works and its inherent navigability are all things that provide for a good foundation.  Just because you have done these things right does not mean you have done a great job of representing your client as so many people I have seen believe.  If I had a nickel for every time I heard “appropriate title tags and you will rank” has been thrown out there I’d be a rich man.  These types of SEO’s take people’s money, lock them into long-term relationships and provide no results and then scratch their head when Panda algorithms bust down their two-day SEO campaign.

Can you skip this step? Hell no. You wouldn’t stand a chance of ranking if you didn’t do this step right but it doesn’t mean you are done.

Off-Page Optimization– These are the processes that occur outside of your website that direct traffic to it or generates a buzz about the business.  It’s true, many SEO companies have a weaker grasp on this facet of optimization than techie at a sorority party.  Forum posting, directory submission, press releases, videos, social media, link-building, RSS feed submission are all things that exist on a real ranking level.  With the push of Google to personalize search even more it would make sense to put some effort into the niche markets where your client exists.  The best thing about this facet is that all these things are generally free.  When is the last time your SEO company wrote a press release for you?

Can you skip this step?  Hell no.  Spread the word, off-page optimization is a great way to direct traffic from sources other than the search engines.  It’s not all about Google, but Google is paying attention to these sources.

Link-Building– Are you kidding me you don’t do link building?! You can’t figure out why you are not ranking?  SEO’s who don’t do link building piss me off more than anything else in the industry.  I’ll be the first to admit it, link building is a huge pain in the rear but it is absolutely necessary.  To simplify, links are third party votes for your site that show that people feel your content is worthy of recognition.  Having links that contain your most powerful keywords in the anchor text are a mandatory part of SEO and one of its most fundamental techniques.  Link building has changed for the better- Google wants good links from relevant websites that occur naturally and don’t look stuffed or artificial.  Doing this is tricky and time-consuming but only requires certain dedication and research to find other industry professionals who are glad to represent you.

Can you skip this step? Hell no. SEO’s who do I should thank you. You will be losing all your clients soon enough and the true professionals will shine.

Social Media– Although everyone now knows the power of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, not all clients necessarily understand how it can benefit them.  “How is Facebook and Twitter going to get me more clients at my law firm? Social media is for my kids.” Valid point my white collar friends but look at it this way if no other way: the search engines are paying attention to social media sites and that alone should be enough for you to understand its importance.  Besides that, used correctly, and I stress used correctly, social media is like instant public relations on steroids.  Take the example of a major airline carrier’s CEO logging into Twitter only to find that passengers were unpleased with their service.  Instead of letting the fire turn into a PR nightmare, the CEO reached to the Twitter audience and instantly remedied the situation.  Social media can be your barometer of how the public views your products or services.

Can you skip this step? Hell no. Make sure to do it right and produce relevant and beneficial content. Nobody cares what you ate for breakfast Ashton Kutcher.


If this blog post seems a little bit on the heated side, it is.  It is difficult to be in an industry where there are so many “professionals” misrepresenting their clients, other SEOs, and the search industry in general.  I feel compelled to be the whistle blower and let the public know what they are getting into before they get themselves into what can be a very expensive situation.  How do you think baseball players feel when their competitors get busted for steroids? Probably angry that fans may feel like these few bad seeds represent the entire league which is entirely untrue.  Ethical SEOs feel the same way.  We don’t like the other teams selling out seats when they never win games, capiche?  If this blog post saved one person from hiring a firm who they now see doesn’t have a firm grasp on SEO than I have done my job.

Please share your thoughts on the matters or let us know about your horror stories and the lessons you learned from the so-called SEO experts.

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Azimuth Six is comprised of a team of dedicated SEO professionals who have years of experience in online and marketing strategy and implementation. Formerly the team worked exclusively with the legal industry, helping attorney’s compete in their contentious marketplace.  After a number of years servicing this competitive market, they shifted their efforts from doing the SEO themselves to consulting and training others to be the masters of their domain, seeking to change the way the business became involved in the future of their success.

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